Top 8 gambling houses in Malaga Spain

One of the most popular pastimes among different people is gambling. Due to this popularity, there are many casinos worldwide, some of which will be introduced in Malaga, Spain.
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Published on: Mar 13, 2022
Updated on: Mar 13, 2022

Many people worldwide are interested in doing fun and exciting activities in their spare time.

One of the hobbies that have a lot of fans in different parts of the world is gambling. Gambling games are very diverse, and each person may specialize in a particular game and be able to win prizes related to that game.

Many people these days tend to gamble online to play their desired games wherever they are.

As mentioned, there are several types of gambling games, among which we can mention Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Scratch cards, Keno, Arcades.

To win in any of these games, we must pay attention to various points, which we will state before introducing the Top 8 gambling houses in Malaga, Spain.

Gambling games

Essential Tips for Winning Casino Games:

Each game has points that you need to learn in detail, but here are some general ones.

- Take practice seriously:

Most casinos will benefit from people who do not have enough expertise in gambling, as they will lose money.

Due to this issue, we suggest that you play various games as much as you can and do not neglect to practice.

- Before starting the game, set a certain amount of money:

One of the problems of different players is that they only specify $ 10 per game at the beginning of the game.

Still, they gradually increase the amount of money they bet during the game, which is a matter of concern.

If they do not have the necessary skills, they can have a bad experience at the end of the game.

- Do not lose focus in any way:

One of the things that can cause you to lose is paying close attention to the environment and losing focus.

The owners of different casinos do their best to provide an attractive environment for other people to play, which can be a concern for you as players.

- Observe the rules in each casino:

There are different rules in various casinos that you need to pay attention to, as by following them, you can win all the games.

- Know the right time to play different games:

If you specialize in playing a particular game, you know the best time to play and win it.

You have to play some games when your opponent has a bad day, as you have a high chance of winning.

But in general, we suggest you do not choose Keno if you do not have much expertise because your chance of winning this game is meager.

- Play games that you have a better chance of winning:

As you know, you may be more likely to win some games so you should always pay attention to this issue and choose a game in which you have more chance to be a winner.

So far, we have mentioned some tips that can help you increase your luck in the games.

The following section will introduce you to several casinos in Malaga, Spain .

Top 8 gambling houses of Malaga

Top 8 gambling houses of Malaga That You Shouldn't Miss:

If you live in Malaga, you can spend many happy hours in each casino that we will introduce, so pay attention to the list below as you can choose the best option according to your preferences.

1-casino Marbella:

Casino Marbella is one of the gambling houses that we suggest you go to and spend hours playing various games such as poker, blackjack, slots, and many more.

In this casino, players can enjoy drinks and delicious food in addition to playing multiple games and experiencing memorable hours.

This casino is located at Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza km 174, Autovia del Mediterraneo, 29660, Marbella Spain.

2-Pause & Play:

If you are interested in sports betting, Pause & Play can be an excellent option to meet all your needs.

This casino has a lot of facilities for people, and a variety of table games are available to them that they can use any of them according to their interests.

There is a perfect space for drinking all kinds of drinks; in this complex, there is a very stylish dining hall where you can enjoy the food and experience unique flavors.

This place is located in the shopping center of Vialia Málaga, and it can bring a lot of excitement to people with its very entertaining game rooms.

3-Casino Torrequebrada:

Casino Torrequebrada can also be a great option to spend your leisure time and spend happy hours with your friends.

There is also an excellent restaurant in this place where you can try great flavors of food and hold your courses there.

There are game tables for gambling enthusiasts that you can see many people playing around the table and joining them.

Upon arrival, you can choose what game you want to play and win various prizes.


Another PAUSE & PLAY casino in Crta. Sevilla is located 6.5 km, S / N C.C LA Veronica, Local 1-19 / 20 + T, 29200, Antequera Spain.

In addition to playing various games, you can use other facilities available in this casino, such as concerts, magic shows, and other items.

In this bar, players have stimulating drinks to feel like they are in Las Vegas.


SALA DE JUEGO ROYALE is another place you can go to for having fun, it is located at Plaza de Juan Macias 4, 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara Spain.

People interested in gambling can go to this place and try their luck by participating in various games.


PAUSE & PLAY Casino, located in Carretera de Ojen S / N La Canada shopping center, 29600, Marbella Spain, can also be a good option for your leisure time.

A unique environment is provided for people in this place, where you can enjoy a wide range of games.

7-Costa PAUSE & PLAY del Sol Hippodrome (Hipodromo Costa Del Sol:(

HIPERDROMO COSTA DEL SOL is located in Opposite the Castle in Fuengirola. On the route to Urbanization CERROS DEL AGUILA., Fuengirola Spain.

We suggest people who are very interested in betting go to this place because it has all the necessary facilities to meet the demands of these people.

There are also a variety of drinks; as a result of all these features, players can have a good experience.


Another PAUSE & PLAY casino located in Teresa Berganza 2 C.C. Plaza Mayor, location A 04B, 29140 Malaga Spain, can also be a good option for gamblers.

This place can be the best choice to watch the matches of your favorite team, so you can enjoy watching all sports events in PAUSE & PLAY.

There are game rooms with a stunning space for players to drink and play.

In addition to these places, people have a great desire to play online gambling games, and for this reason, many online sites are available with one click.

In all online gambling sites, there are different rules for playing the game that people are required to obey to continue playing.

People can gain many skills by playing online games and using them in gambling houses to beat their rivals.

Last word:

In general, people interested in these types of games can play wherever they want as there is the opportunity to play online.

Despite the various sites for online gambling, many people are still interested in playing games in the traditional way and taking advantage of the amenities as well.

There are many casinos in different parts of the world that offer different games.

In this article, we tried to introduce some of the best places you can enjoy playing these games in Malaga, Spain so that you can visit them if needed and have fun there.

We hope this article can help you find the best option and visit it to play various games and gain significant experience in these gambling houses according to your needs and preferences.

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