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Are you looking to find the best Berlin betting site? Reading this article will help you to find answers to questions about the best online betting sites in Berlin with details about their features and functions.
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Published on: Mar 01, 2023
Updated on: Mar 01, 2023

Choosing the best betting sites that are organized according to the needs of a player is one of the most important factors in betting. The German betting casinos focus on the popularity of the sites, with differences in the quality of the website and programs through the bonus offer, the variety of sports. To support your favorite teams, you can create a hobby and fun for yourself with online sports betting, and in this regard, choosing the best betting site by comparing and ranking the options can be useful.In this article, by listing betting sites in Germany, we will introduce you to reliable sites that are licensed and supervised so that you can make the best choice by comparing them. We provide you with this information by checking the most up-to-date betting sites.

Online betting in GermanyDue to regulatory challenges in German betting in recent years, this country has not been able to prosper like other European countries. Among the existing restrictions, there is a monthly limit of 1000 euros, which applies to all bettors to be able to bet a maximum of one euro per slot rotation. For Germans and German residents who live there through immigration, it is also possible to bet on their favorite sports and teams. With more than 100 online betting sites in the country, players have many choices. Sports such as football, horse racing and tennis are in the highest betting ranks in Germany, especially football, which is the most popular sport in Germany and has a betting market more than others. Some online betting site owners have the best experiences in the German betting market by focusing on the German market, and others have different experiences by focusing on other electronic sports. So we reviewed the betting sites and listed the best ones for you.

How to choose the best betting sites:

In order to choose the best betting site in Germany, sites must be examined through many components, for this reason, we will reach an accurate answer by examining a detailed list of criteria.- Licensed in Germany- Popularity according to users- Amount and fairness in reward- Customer support quality in terms of responsiveness and problem solving- Types of betting in terms of the number of sports and betting markets- Payout margin and payout of high percentage of winners to players- live betting- Various payment methods


Best online betting sites in Germany:

- bet365 - best welcome bonus- Tipico - best existing customer promos, best for no-account betting- NEObet - best for esports- Winamax - best for its cashback bonus on lost bets- Interwetten - best for livestreaming- Bet3000 - best odds, highest payout margin, best for betting without tax- Betano - best for casino- Tipico - Most preferred in Germany


Bet365 betting site is at the top of our list with 9.6 points out of 10, because it is very popular among users. Other advantages of this site include the possibility of setting a betting schedule, live broadcasting and making a bet. In addition, the welcome bonus of 100% up to 100 euros along with existing customer advertisements are other benefits of this site. On the other hand, on this site, players will be required to pay taxes on betting.

2. Tipico:

This betting site has scored 8.9 points out of 10 points from the users' point of view and is one of the most popular betting sites in Germany, which has the possibility of setting bets. But unlike the previous casino, there is no possibility of making a bet and live streaming here, and instead, no betting tax is charged. Additional benefits include a 100% welcome bonus up to 100 euros and customer promotions.The tipico program has relatively lost its previous position due to the recent days of updates and the problems caused by it, but despite this, this team is working on the program and fixing its problems.


This site takes the third place among the top betting sites in Germany, and this popularity is due to its liquidity, the possibility of a betting program and a bet maker. However, this site does not have facilities such as live broadcasting, but instead, there are customer advertisements. In betting tax, there is no combined tax. The app is a good bookmaker app for mobile, which is the third best app on our list with a great design, but still some people prefer bet365. Therefore, it is a personal decision which program is most convenient for you.

4. Winamax

This site is ranked fourth in the list of the best German betting sites in our article, which has facilities such as liquidity, betting program and the possibility of making bets. Among its disadvantages is the inability to broadcast live, but instead, there are many benefits, including a welcome bonus, repayment of up to 100 euros for lost stocks and the existence of customer advertisements. It does not apply to betting tax either.

5. Betano

Betano betting site is ranked 5th in this list with liquidity, betting program and bet maker. Unfortunately, the possibility of live broadcasting is not available on this site, and instead, the welcome bonus of up to 100% and up to 100 euros plus customer advertisements are other benefits of this site.Betano program is listed among the best betting programs by offering multiple chances and also the possibility to access casino games. Plus, you can easily interact with it because of the good menu navigation system.

6. Interwetten

This betting site, ranked 6th in the list of this article, has advantages such as a betting program, live streaming, and customer advertisements. Among its disadvantages, we can point out the impossibility of making a bet and betting tax, but instead, another advantage of this site is the 100% welcome bonus up to 100 euros.If you feel ready to bet, make your bet priority by going through the following four steps; Here we will help you on how to work in German betting sites . Enter more prepared and skillful.

1. Create a new user account

Nowadays, many foreign companies attract a large number of German players, it makes the job easier. But again, there may be differences. So now enter your personal information by creating your username and password, your email and other contact information, deposit the funds and pay through one of the available methods. These documents are sent to customers or sometime uploaded to your profile. When you are verified, The money will be deposited, so respectively withdrawn.

2. deposit

In this section, it is possible to confirm your phone number and address before depositing money. One of the most common payment methods for betting sites in this country is PayPal, and in addition, you can pay through Trustly, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Visa or Mastercard debit cards. Therefore, by choosing the desired deposit method, enter the required amount, which is usually between 5 and 10 euros. Most of the deposits are instant except bank deposits. On the other hand, no fee is charged by the companies, and if received, we will mention it in the reviews. According to local rules, the maximum bet amount on all German sites is €1,000 per month. While some operators have extended deposit limits and are allowed to deposit up to 10,000 euros per month. In addition, all stocks are subject to a 5% tax when betting, which is covered by some companies and they advertise it as a tax-free bet on their website.

3. Start betting

There are different types of betting , here we mention the most common ones.Single bet: A bet on the outcome of a match on a personal winner or a player's first goal or the exact score of the matchA combination bet that is 3 or more bets with the advantage of offering higher payouts than consecutive individual bets. The disadvantage of this condition is that all conditions fail if one condition fails.

4. harvest

Making a withdrawal will become a smooth and easy experience. If you sign up for a deposit bonus, you must complete the turnover requirements before you can withdraw if you win. In most cases, the withdrawal method is the same as the deposit method. In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount is between 10 and 20 euros.

Finally, For the answer of the question that which gambling site is the best in Berlin , we should say each bookie specialises and shines in different areas, so it is worthwhile to take the time to read through our reviews above. The point of this page and the group of experts working on it is to provide you with the most accurate and fair comparison, so you can immediately know and identify which bookmaker is best for you and offers exactly what you need.

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