Top 10 gambling houses in Macau

The well-known gambling city has many lavish casinos, and we’re not talking about Vegas! Macau has the perfect spots for you, whether you want to wager or have a good time doing recreational activities.
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Published on: Dec 30, 2021
Updated on: Dec 30, 2021

Top 10 gambling houses in Macau

Some cities and regions stick out and represent similar extravagant activities regarding gambling. While some are more on the headlines than others, the world’s gambling capital always holds its values among gamesters and other enthusiasts. Located on the south coast of China, the densely populated Macau has long been a big image – if not the biggest – in the gambling industry. With many decadent casinos full of glitz and glamour, the “Las Vegas of Asia” has a lot to offer its visitors. The Portuguese-Cantonese cultural blend makes the entire gambling heat even more special. Whether you want to spin the roulette wheel, try the slot machines, play poker, blackjack, baccarat, or lounge by the pools, spas, and relax, Macau’s sumptuous gambling houses provide you with a top-tier experience. Here is our top 10 pick for the best casinos in Macau :

10. Grand Waldo Casino

Previously closed, the Grand Waldo Casino has relocated to another spot with much more services. There are 150 slot machines and 40 gambling tables on which you have a variety of games to play. The staff of Grand Waldo Casino is friendly, and there are certain perks to redeem by using the club’s Membership Loyalty Program. The rewards (like discounts) can be spent in the restaurants, shops, and resorts in Taipa, Macau, an island in the city that holds the Grand Waldo Hotel.

9. Rio Casino

Located in the heart of Macau, Rio Casino has an affluent indoor pool and spa with opulent rooms, and suites in its hotel space, bringing breathtaking views overlooking the city. The four-story area bloated with games like baccarat, roulette, sic bo, and many slot machines, make the entire experience worthwhile.

8. Macau Palace

This one is more of an honorable mention since the floating casino is, allegedly, no longer around. Macau Palace was an old icon of Macau, constructed on the water! The place has been featured in the James Bond classic: The Man with The Golden Gun. This was enough reason to visit the venue, not counting its many customers’ services and gambling options.

7. The Sands Macau

When it comes to The Sands Macau , there is no way to put other than the three words “Paradise of Gaming.” The gaming space takes up 248,000 square feet of the property, which offers an abundance of games to choose from. There are over 1000 slot machines and 200 gaming tables in The Sands Macau. Here, you can indulge in a combination of European and Asian games.

6. The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Macao features a half-scale version of the Eiffel Tower and is covered with French architecture themes in every corner. The venue has about 2,700 exquisite hotel rooms and 170 shops. This casino resort has 400 tables with many traditional Las Vegas games, like craps. The Parisian also has 54,000 square feet of meeting space for the clients.

5. MGM Cotai

This exquisite venue fulfills every expectation for all the art enthusiasts with a collection of over 300 art pieces, representing a connection between eastern and western cultures, with both vogue and tradition. With the motto “Where Great Moments Are Made,” MGM Cotai has one of the largest art collections you can find in the city. MGM Cotai offers 1,390 rooms, including Villas and Skylofts. The casino space has 1,500 slot machines and 177 gambling tables (12 VIPs), on which you can find some classic games like blackjack, baccarat, and craps.

4. Wynn Macau

Wynn Macau is one of the properties founded by Steve Wynn, an American casino resort developer and art collector. This unanimously praised building is the epitome of mega-luxury. Wynn Macau is a sophisticated grandeur that offers top-notch services with eye-catching spaces, exquisite dining cuisines, and quality gambling. What makes Wynn Resorts even more unique is that it has received the Forbes Five-Star Travel Guide awards eight times for five years in a row.  

3. Grand Lisboa

It is as if every gambling house in Macau has some distinctive features that make it unique from the rest, and Grand Lisboa is no exception. The property is the tallest building in Macau in which the heat of gambling is like nothing you can see elsewhere. With around 800 gambling tables and 1000 slot machines, Grand Lisboa is known for its famous poker tournaments across Asia. Since the primary focus of the casino is gambling, there might not be much entertainment available as it is in other venues. However, it hosts some of the best restaurants in Macau.

2. Wynn Palace

“Luxury in every corner” is perhaps the best way to describe Wynn Palace . The place has over 106,000 square feet of retail, and 424,000 square feet of casino space, including 1000 slot machines and live tables. Entertainment is the one thing you wouldn’t miss there if you tried. Alongside a pool and a salon, Wynn Palace has the largest spa in Macau. The 24-story Wynn Resorts, with 1,702 rooms, and villas, is the only hotel in the world to have received Forbes Travel Guide Five Star. Wynn Palace also is the recipient of multiple Forbes Five Star restaurants, one of which carries the accolade “2020 Restaurant of the Year.” If that’s not enough, the stand-out building has its unique way of transportation; enjoy riding the Sky Cabs while you reach the entrance.

1. The Venetian Macao

Behold the biggest casino in Macau. But it doesn’t finish there. This is also the biggest casino in the world! No fewer than 3,400 slot machines and 800 gaming tables, The Venetian Macao has a knack for being called text-book luxury. The 1,500,000 square foot building holds one of the largest hotels in Asia, with around 3000 guest rooms. The Venetian has 40 stories with many restaurants, from opulent dining rooms to casual bars, cafes, and shopping centers. It also contains a colossal sporting events arena. Generally, The Venetian Macao has everything to fulfill gamers’ expectations.

Top 10 gambling houses in Macau

Bottom Line

Macau’s supreme gambling houses offer the ultimate experience with acclaimed amenities sprinkling with elegance everywhere you look. So, next time you visit Macau, make sure to pay a visit to these unparalleled luxuries.

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