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If you want to know about the history of casinos and online casinos and know the best casinos in Frankfurt, follow this article.
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Published on: Feb 15, 2023
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A casino is a place where games are played with bets, and anyone who wants to try their luck should go to casino sites. Casinos have existed since ancient times and have a long history, but the original source of gambling is unknown. The oldest casino in the world operated in Italy, but gambling is older. Evidence shows that the Chinese recorded gambling in 2300 BC. Also, gambling has a very long life in countries such as: Iran, Greece, Rome, England and France. In the first casinos, betting was not very popular, and people mostly visited this place for music and watching dances and shows, but over time, casinos became a place for gambling and gambling, and now casinos are expensive places. which operate 24 hours a day. The casino is not only a place for betting and playing, but also has a hotel, restaurant and performance hall.

History of online casino - How did online casino start?

Online casinos have taken the industry by storm and become a gambling destination for players from all over the world.

Mid-1990s – Invention of the first online casinos

 When the government of Antigua and Barbuda enacted the Business and Processing Act in 1994, it gave the country the authority to grant licenses to legitimate businesses that want to open online casino sites.

There is another important reason why 1994 is used as the starting year of the online gambling industry because it was when one of the largest and most influential gambling software companies was founded.

The company was called Microgaming , the name we now recognize as being responsible for some of the best online video slots and other popular casino games. Working with a team of meticulous software developers, this company created the first fully-fledged online casino website.The platform was called Gaming Club and it allowed players to bet with virtual money, but no real money betting was possible and there were only a handful of online casino games.

This online casino platform quickly became popular and a large number of online software developers created their own online casino platforms.

In 1996– CryptoLogic built an online casino that set the standard for what all online casinos should look like. The company named its online casino InterCasino

InterCasino was the first online casino that allowed players to enjoy their favorite casino games for real money.

Late 1990s–It didn't take long for many other companies to enter the market and follow in the footsteps of Microgaming and CryptoLogic. In just a few months, the number of online casinos increased rapidly as players enjoyed playing. At the end of 1997; Hundreds of online casinos were active and offered real money bets.

Early 2000s–Since the number of online casinos far exceeded the expectations of others, the field became highly competitive.

In such a situation, some businesses tried to defraud people by creating platforms

Since online casinos were new to the market, there was no effective way to prevent fake casino sites from scamming their customers.

Scamming people made governments and organizations come up with strong ways to better regulate the online casino industry.

In the early and mid-2000s, two gambling regulatory bodies were created to better control the gambling industry.

Live casino games have evolved so much over the past decade that most players are now playing online casino games instead of traditional casino games.

And this is the story of online casinos until today.

Casino income

Casino income

Casinos are very profitable. This is the advantage of people who play different games. In 2012, the revenue of Macau casinos was 38 billion.

Types of bonuses in online casinos

The options below are some of the different types of bonuses in online casinos.

 Any amount won by the player is automatically deposited into the player's account.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is usually offered when a new player registers on the site. This bonus is designed for the comfort of gamblers and allows them to play their favorite games without risking their money.

 Cashback bonus:

This bonus basically does what it's supposed to do. The casino will give you a refund for the money you lost.

Online casinos 

1- Vulkan Vegas Casino:

Vulkan Vegas is a part of Invicta Networks N.V. and operates with a Curacao License. Since 2016 this online casino is active on several markets and among others the German market.

We can say that one of the benefits of an online casino is in Germany because it offers everything in German and is available to German players.

2- Nine casino:

We can say that Nine casino ranks second in Germany. 

This website can be in German or English. This licensed online casino offers great bonus options and a huge variety of games.

3- Loco Win Casino:

Another great Online German Casino is LocoWin Casino .This german online casino founded in 2019. The site can be completely turned into German language.

4- Stay Casino:

StayCasino is an online gambling platform founded in 2021 by Hollycorn.

5- Ice Casino:

Ice Casino is one of the newest online casinos for 2022, offering several online games for players.

All kinds of casino games:


1- Blackjack 

If you are looking for a fun and happy game in casinos that is easy to learn, blackjack is the best option.

This game is a two player game, if you play this game in the casino, you will actually play this game with the dealer.

As it is clear from the name of this game, the sum of passer numbers must be 21. Also, if neither you nor the dealer's hand has reached 21, whoever has the highest total of numbers in their hand (the numbers must not be higher than 21) will win. At the end of this game, three things happen: you win and win the money you bet, you lose, or the value of your hand becomes the same as the value of the dealer's hand, which is called a push. In this case, you neither won the hand nor lost, but the game will be moved to the next hand.

2- Baccarat game

Baccarat game is one of the most attractive games in casinos. It is said that this game has Italian origins. This game is similar to blackjack. This game can be played single player or multiplayer against a dealer

This game is played by the dealer with 8 standard passer cards.

One of the differences between the game of baccarat and the game of twenty-one is that all the playing cards are shared among all the players of the game.

3- Slot game

The slot game is one of the most profitable games in casinos, which is played with a slot machine. It should also be noted that the slot game is the most popular bet in casinos. This game allows you to win a lot of money even with very little expenses. The slot game is actually a game played by a machine, in which there are 3 or 5 lines, each of which has several images. You first select a line and then by pressing the spin button, the lines start moving. The lines will stop moving after a certain period of time and the images on the line you selected will show your win or loss.

4- Roulette game

Another popular casino game around the world is roulette. In this game you don't have an opponent and you play with yourself as there is a ball and a wheel.

5- Poker game

It can be said that the most famous casino game among those who are interested in betting is poker.

To win in the game of poker, you need skill and knowing the strategies of this game, and luck alone will not make you win in this game. This game has many types, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, three cards and... It is a type of poker.

To win in the game of poker, you need skill and knowing the strategies of this game, and luck alone will not make you win in this game. This game has many types, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, three cards and... It is a type of poker.

One of the easiest poker games to play is three card poker. In three-card poker, you will not play with your opponents, but with the dealer, which makes this game easier for beginners.

The three-card poker game is divided into two parts: Ante / Play and Pair Plus  

(Ante / Play): This game is very similar to the game of twenty-one, but instead of the total number of hands reaching 21, the hands must be sorted according to the ranking of the poker game.

(Pair Plus): This type of poker is a non-competitive game, what determines whether you win or not is the value of your hand and nothing else.

Tips about a good online casino:

A good online casino should have responsive 24/7 support,  Your access to the support team should be easy and they should be able to answer you quickly, The support team should treat you with respect and patience.

Online casinos can be a profitable place for players, provided that the players know the strategy of each game completely.

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